Fear grips the Obama campaign worker

This will likely be my last post before Election Day. I have company coming into town, and won’t be near a computer (other than my iPhone Neil, hint hint).

I found this over at American Thinker, posted by Thomas Lifson. Now this is obviously third hand, but I’m comfortable that the chain of custody for the letter is honestly reported, given the reputations of those involved.

I also note, that in a campaign the size of Obama’s these kind of slips are inevitable. This source may be the Obama version of an Eeyore, but if Obama has this in the bag, why is she scared? Another note on validity, the YouTube video pointed at is produced specifically to denigrate Republicans in Pennsylvania, giving a lot of credibility toward the author’s motivations.

This post is a copy of a letter left by mistake on a shared hotel computer. The author is very worried about Obama winning Pennsylvania (bolding NOT mine):

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is something that I want all of my blue state friends to know before it’s too late, and I’m not sure who else is going to tell you. I CAN’T SEE HOW OBAMA CAN WIN PENNSYLVANIA.

She links to the following YouTube video that shows the line of people waiting to enter a McCain event. This video is supposed to make us look like angry racists, but what I took from it (as did the author) is the level of anger and commitment in the PA GOP this year.

Well our author was pretty disturbed by this video and her personal travels (bolding mine):

Although I live in Pittsburgh, I’ve been spending a lot of time traveling and talking to people in south west and now south east PA for my job. It’s really not a pretty picture at all. I came back in such a panic last night that I’ve spent the morning crunching numbers and reading political analysis in an effort to convince myself that my perspective has been skewed, that there is a rational basis for believing that Obama will pull through here. And now I’m more depressed than ever.

She also offers a pretty good analysis of the PA demographics (PaRep if you can confirm this is correct?):

PA is a fundamentally rural state – meaning a much larger portion of the population lives outside of the big cities. If you add together the entire populations of the counties that include Philly, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Scranton and throw in all of Bucks County for good measure, you still only come up with 3.5 million out of a state-wide population of over 12 million. That’s roughly the same population that lives within a 50 mile radius of Bethlehem.

Now we get to the meat of the problem in the author’s mind. I am going to quote directly, without comment, other than to note that this is a Democrat, not a Republican:

Second, PA is an overwhelmingly white, fundamentally racist state. And I am talking openly, flagrantly racist. Especially in the south west, folks have no problem throwing around the N-word in casual conversation.

The author is then absolutely dismayed to find that the racists of the electorate are now politically active:

In August, I sat in a diner in the middle of Fayette County and listened to an older white man at the next table talk about how he’d always been a Democrat, he supported Clinton but couldn’t bring himself to vote for a N-word. But he also made it sound like he wouldn’t vote at all, and I took some solace in that, and in the almost total lack of any political signage in the area at all. Let them sleep, I hoped. My hopes were dashed during a three day trip to the area last week, after McCain and Palin had made a couple of swings through the area (Palin was back there, in Coraopolis, while I was in Bethlehem). It’s as if the area had been infected with a virus, one with horrible, foam at the mouth, green bile spewing symptoms. Forget about what you’ve heard about Obama’s ad advantage. The televisions (playing non-stop everywhere) were flooded with dozens of Republican affiliated 501c organizations’ 30-60 second rants, the worst kind of fear mongering, flag waving trash you’ve ever seen. The rabid dogs have been unleashed, and they have the numbers.

The author becomes further depressed by a trip to eastern Pennsylvania, finding that it isn’t localized to the west:

I followed that up with my two day trip to eastern PA and found the virus was if anything in a more advanced stage there. Out there, you aren’t hearing from PA Dems like Murtha and Casey, but I am. They know now they can’t deliver their base. They may never get their base back again. While I was in Uniontown last week, Murtha came right out and called his own constituents racist, hoping perhaps that a little straight talk might get people back to just being shamed into not voting. But it’s too late – these folks are now fully committed to saving the country from a terrorist loving, Muslim communist. And they will be voting, in enough numbers to outweigh the urban centers.

The author isn’t giving up hope on Obama yet, but has to hope the western US is going to deliver. We even get an added tease about the state of the race in Virginia:

Why am I telling you this? BECAUSE IT IS SO IMPORTANT NOT TO BECOME COMPLACENT!!!!!!!! We are so close, so close, to such an important victory. It may be too late for PA, Virginia may be hopeless as well (I just got a very discouraging report from my sister in that regard), but Obama can still win if every Western swing state is sewn up, and things go well elsewhere. We cannot underestimate the power of the hate/fear message coming from the Republicans. We can’t leave anything up to chance, or hope, alone.

Make of this what you will, but as Pam has been telling us for months now: TURN OUT, TURN OUT, TURN OUT