Oh good! The trolls are back

While we have been having a week’s worth of self immolation over the bailout, and Obama has risen to +7 in the Rasmussen daily track, the thing that has most depressed me was the lack of trolls. They must have been feeling really good about the election, and had all retired to their mom’s basement to play Grand Theft Auto.

But what do you know, Sarah Palin has a debate and suddenly there are a dozen trolls and (especially!) mobies all over the threads trying to convince us how Palin lost, or how it just doesn’t matter. This is a good sign (except for Moe, who has to clean up after them). Palin must have rocked the house last night, and they are suddenly worried again.

It’s a little like those horror movies set out in the wilderness. You need to worry when it gets quiet.

So let me raise a glass of tequila (I got a really cool bottle of it for my birthday last night) to the trolls! We missed you!