This election is over

It is panic time in the right-wing blogsphere. McCain is tanking in the polls, the economic meltdown has given his campaign another body blow, he has resorted to a gimmick to get out of a debate where Obama was going to destroy him, the country hates this president and all Republicans and will punish them on November 4th. Even Ramesh Ponnuru, who was one of McCain’s biggest supporters during the primary, thinks his campaign is off the rails and his “return to Washington” reduces his chance of winning.

There, have I captured all of your angst and fears, succinctly?

Now, I know I’m going to sound like Gamecock here (without all the crowing), but you all need to get a grip. You have lived in America your entire life, do you fundementally believe that American people are a bunch of mindless robots, taking their marching orders from the media? Every election cycle, we are greeted by headlines in foreign newspapers about how oreney and backwards the American people are. We just aren’t as sophisticated as the Europeans, and we all want to get into our trucks and drive out and cut down a forest.

So in the last few days a rash of polls have come out showing Obama with insurmountable leads, either nationally or in battleground states. Each of those polls makes controversial assumptions about the American voter, is broadly publicized, and then we get a firestorm of lefties coming here to rub our faces in them.


The fundemental difference between modern liberalism and conservatism is that liberals are driven by emotion, while we use rational thought to analyze a course of action. This is why we are all thinking about the financial bailout, and many of us ready to hold our noses and accept it as necessary, even though we think it is bad policy. Contrast this to the emotional reaction of a liberal to any problem, usually accompanied by shrill cries of “Do something! Show we care!”. Even their politically correct canons, such as “Social Justice”, are meaningless mantras designed to assauge their guilt, rather than improve society.

Fear is a very strong emotion

It is a driving influence for the left’s political class, and their primary motivation for showing up here enmass in attempts to dispirit us. If they truly believed that Obama was leading and this election is “in the can” for them, they wouldn’t bother. They would be out getting high, while playing Grand Theft Auto on the PS/3’s daddy bought them.

But instead they come here. Look at the polls that they are using as evidence that McCain is losing. The ABC poll gives Obama a 9 point lead. This using a demographic breakdown of 44% Democrat, 28% Republican and 28% Independent. The poll is then further modified by purposely including 164 extra African American in the sample size of around 800. So we have a 19.5% boost of voters that will vote for Obama (assuming the 95% black support for Obama). We also increase the party identification for Democrats by 6% over the Rasmussen poll results, while reducing Republican and Independents by 5% and 1% respectively. And with these modifications, Obama is still only able to get a 9 point advantage.

Again, Why?

Why would anyone release such a flawed poll? It is done for the same reason the New York Times jumps on every gaffe, mistake or rumor that comes along regarding McCain or Palin, while conspicuously ignoring the sheer idiocy and shady backgrounds of Obama and Biden. They want to depress YOU, and most importantly they want to influence the voters that they think are less informed and susceptible to influence.

But here is the dirty little secret.

This election is over

Have we the People slipped to the point that we are willing to become a socialist society, with the big government safety net governing our financial future, health care, energy use, free speech and property rights?

Or are our core values still such that we value individual liberty over the soft facism of government with a smile?

If the ABC poll is correct, and Republican are truly a minority party representing slightly over a quarter of the electorate, then we are likely ready for socialism. Get ready to live like England, France and Spain. At least the wine will be good.

But if Rasmussen is right, then the parties are still pretty even, and a strong core of Independents that don’t like being told what to do, will be the ones deciding the election.

My personal belief is that the public uproar over the financial bailout (even if it is actually necessary), and the strong majority that wants the drilling restrictions lifted, are a strong indication that the American spirit of independence and raising the middle finger toward the rest of the world are alive and well. At the end of the day, they aren’t going to vote for a socialist.

But I could be wrong. The point is that it doesn’t matter. We are either a socialist society or we are not. We are going to find out November 4th, but the decision has already been made. We are just waiting for the results.