The money quote from Rasmussen, "Looks like 2004"

Rasmussen and Fox jointly released a slew of state polls last night from battleground states.

The results of these polls are:

Florida: McCain 51%, Obama 46%

Ohio: McCain 50%, Obama 46%

Pennsylvania: Obama 48%, McCain 45%

Virginia: McCain 50%, Obama 48%

Michigan: Obama 51%, McCain 44%

Rasmussen also has the most telling quote buried in the Florida report.

Both nationally and in Florida, polling suggests the race for the White House today is very similar to the final results for Election 2004. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows McCain with a very modest lead nationally, and his five-point edge in Florida matches President Bush’s margin of victory in the state four years ago.

The interesting thing about this statement is that the daily tracking poll is still showing a tie, this means the last few days have been trending McCain in the track. That statement though really struck a cord with me though. This election is really starting to feel like 2004, with the nervous confidence of the Kerry supporters believing that they have a narrow lead that will turn into victory in November.

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