A single data point telling me Obama is toast

I have a long time friend, who is a lifetime Democrat. He and his wife are both San Francisco liberals suffering through living in Red State Florida. We normally don’t discuss politics, but it actually came up yesterday.

His comment was that he was unsure who to vote for (are you kidding me?). He was thinking about McCain but was troubled by the Palin pick due to her inexperience. When I pointed out that she has more executive experience than Obama, he had no answer.

His next comment was about the stock market. I told him yesterday’s drop was due to the spike in oil prices, at least partially caused by Pelosi’s attaching the exploration ban to the CR. He was stunned to hear that, and his only comments was “What the F…, What the F…?”

Today he comes into my office and says that he and his wife watched the 60 minutes interview again last night on Tivo, after he told his wife about the Pelosi trick. They are both now voting for McCain, that the 60 minutes interview sealed the deal for them.

This guy had no qualms about voting for Kerry in 2004.

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