Quick analysis of the MSM's Palin reaction

Yes, I am back from a great vacation. I’ll post a non-political summary of my vacation that will make you all green with envy a bit later. 🙂

But there is a point I want to make about the weekend’s media blood bath trying to destroy Sarah Palin and her family. The level of vitriol and baseless accusations over the last 5 days has been unprecedented. Not only is it worse that anything leveled at any Democrat (William Jefferson, I’m looking at you), but it is beyond anything ever leveled at a Republican either. It raises the question, why?


There is an old saying, “That which you fear, you must destroy”. The MSM has been in the tank for Obama now for months. They have been happy to roll along with the Obama puff pieces as long as they felt the John McCain didn’t really have it in him to win this campaign. But they got hit between the eyes with a double tap.

1) They didn’t have a wiff that this was coming, they were gearing up for Mitt or Leiberman. They didn’t fear either of those candidates, because they each have flaws they can exploit. They were blindsided by this.

2) McCain picked the most capable woman available on the Republican side, who just by her presence threatens their core female voting block while simultaneously rejecting 30 years of feminist rhetoric.

This pick doesn’t just threaten their chosen leader’s candidancy. It challenges the orthodoxy of their religion. She is to be feared, because they look at her and they see the first female President of the United States. They are deathly afraid, so they take the only action left to them. They lash out and try to destroy the blasphemer. They don’t even try to hide it behind the flimsy disguise of quotes from anonymous sources. No, they threw all pretense aside in their frenzy to rip her to shreds, and generated false attacks that are logically inconsistent with their religious canons of feminism.

This has already backfired on them, thanks to Gov. Palin’s masterful deconstruction of Obama last night. The Obama campaign and their MSM cheerleaders have fallen into a trap, and are only making it worse as they try to struggle.

I’m sure John McCain is laughing as the Obamacans twist themselves into knots trying to prove (and failing) that their presidential candidate is more qualified than our vice-presidential candidate. Good luck with that (snicker).