Rasmussen shows energy issue has traction for McCain

Last Friday, Rasmussen release a report that hasn’t garnered much attention on the blogs. In this report, Rasmussen found that a substantial majority of the respondants believe that increased production is more important, and that 67% believe McCain, not Obama, shares that view. Here is the key paragraph:

By substantial margins, voters believe that McCain’s top priority is finding new sources of energy while Obama is more focused on reducing the amount of energy we consume. Data released yesterday shows that voters overwhelmingly believe it is more important to find new sources of energy. Sixty-seven percent (67%) believe McCain shares this priority while just 29% believe Obama holds that same view. Most voters—55%–believe that Obama’s top priority is reducing the amount of energy we consume. Only 12% believe this is McCain’s primary focus on the energy issue. Republicans, Democrats, and unaffiliated voters all see McCain’s top priority as finding more energy sources.

This plays into a point I’ve made a couple times. At this point, the McCain campaign has the Obama campaign on its heels. McCain is dominating the narrative, while Obama’s signature issues are nowhere to be heard. If Obama can not change the narrative from foreign policy and energy onto health care, then he will lose. So far, national and international events are not helping him.