Local Florida! Robert VanVolkenburgh for Brevard Property Appraiser

I’m sitting here responding to the latest trolling, when the doorbell rings. I answer the door, and a guy is standing there. It is Robert VanVolkenbrgh, someone I have never heard of before. He is a Republican running for property appraiser, and he is personally going door to door to ask for our support.

I just loved this! I made sure to shake his hand and thank him for coming out personally. As we were talking, the rain started again. He looks at the rain, puts on his hat, and steps out into the rain to go to the next house.

So it is with great pride that I announce my Official Endorsement of Robert VanVolkernburgh, Long on Name. Strong on Integrity

If you are a lurker from Brevard County, remember that early voting begins on Monday, August 11th.

Robert’s email is [email protected]