So I'm watching the fireworks at Disney World

I’m sitting watching the fireworks at Disney World when my son calls. He tells me that Obama just picked Hillary for VP. After a momentary shock, I realize I’m not surprised. I tell him that. I also tell him that it will probably be enough for Obama to win. To my credit I don’t immediately check Redstate. Instead I watch the rest of the show and wait until I’m back in my car to check. Of course I find nothing about it here or on the Fox site, and begin thinking about ways to kill my son slowly.

But I do want to make a prediction. I’ve been saying that without a major event, Obama is heading to defeat. Picking Hillary would be that event. If Obama picks her, I think he will jump to 51 or 52 in the polls and will hold there at least until after the Republican convention. After that he will still have at least a 5 point lead.

And I’d be happy to be told how wrong I am 🙂