Like his speeches, Barack's commercials suck

Last night I finally had to sit through one of Obama’s commercials running in Florida. Here is the flow of the ad:

Opening scene – Picture of a gas pump with prices over $4.50 [Actually a picture from California, Floridians have never seen prices that high]

Announcer – We are in a crisis of energy

Next scene – Picture of John McCain walking out of a Senate hearing

Announcer – But John McCain has opposed alternative energy

Next scene – Cut to Barack with his head tilted up just so with a backdrop that makes him look spiritual

Announcer – Blah Blah Blah [at this point I tuned out]

Wow, isn’t that compelling? Doesn’t that just make you excited to go vote for Barack?

Maybe I’m just a little less sophisticated that the Harvard educated, but it seems to me that most voters are going to look at this and say, “huh”? The people driving their trucks down here aren’t dumb enough to wonder where that “alternative energy station” is that they can use to fill up the tank.

So he has spent over $5M on ads in Florida, and this is what he is putting up? Looks to me like they rushed out a response to try and shore up an issue that they are getting pounded on. Meanwhile, McCain is using his stupid responses to beat on him like a cheap drum. Obama gives the tire gauge line, McCain starts handing out tire gauges. I can’t wait to see what they do with “We need to end our dependance on oil in our lifetimes!”.

I wrote two weeks ago about how bad Obama’s speechs are. Well his commercials are no better. No wonder Mr. 25% is losing this election, he is a running a terrible campaign.