We can't pass our way out of this crisis!

I’ll admit it. I’m getting tired of the endless stupidity of trolls trying to get us to believe the indefensible on the theory that if they repeat it enough times we will eventually give in. As Sprio Agnew would have called them, they are “Nattering Nabobs of Negativity”.

There latest tripe is “We can’t drill our way out of this mess”. As if their collective will and bellowing anger will somehow invalidate the basic economic principles of supply and demand. Let me offer an analogy to put this silliness in perspective.

In 1992, the Buffalo Bills were playing in a wild card game against the Houston Oilers (poetic, eh?). Jim Kelly was out injured and Frank Reich was the quarterback. The Oilers dominated the first half and at halftime lead 35 – 3.

If the current set of moonbats had been running the show they would have told the coach, “we can’t pass our way out of this!”. “We’ve already learned that passing isn’t effective against the Oilers!” We have to look to alternatives like the running game to get out of this crisis!”

This is of course insane in football, and would have been greeted by derision by all experts and even most fans. While the alternative of a running game might be an excellent idea for your next game (against the Steelers), it isn’t going to help you with this crisis. You are already too far behind.

Fortunately for the Bills, they didn’t heed this advice (assuming someone was dumb enough to give it). Instead Frank Reich led the Bills to the greatest comeback in NFL history, using a devestating passing attack to lead the Bills to a 41 – 38 victory, and eventually their 3rd straight Super Bowl appearance.

(Update: I screwed up the story, Reich was the QB for the entire game. You’d think I’d remember since I actually watched it.)