Question for RSers on McCain strategy

I was finally catching up with Rush on my podcasts, and was listening to his campaign advice to McCain yesterday. He was saying McCain should be giving speeches this week from oil platforms and power plants.

This made me think about McCain’s campaign strategy (or lack thereof). I think we have all at one time or another said, “McCain should be doing …”, and we are all getting a little frustated. I was reading the article at NRO about how McCain can win. I often find the posts and articles at National Review Online to be depressing, since they often take a very negative point of view. There is never any glimpse of optimism. We are always on the road to electoral disaster. Today, Byron York delivers what looks like a eulogy to the McCain campaign, implying that Iraq has now thrown McCain under the Obamabus and that the weekend Der Speigel interview is correct as written, including a correct headline. Crabcakes should be delighted.

So in the middle of my depression, I wondered if this is actually the right time for McCain to fight back at all? We all know that Obama is a really weak candidate. If McCain were to somehow arrive at the magic formula to destroy the Obama candidacy, would it make sense to do it now?

It occurs to me that there are still two things that could happen, if Obama started to freefall in the polls. First of all, he could still choose Hillary as VP, swallowing his pride in an act of political necessity. The other possibility is that nothing is stopping the Democrats from nominating Hillary. She still has 1600+ delegates, and not a single super delegate has voted.

I’m not claiming that McCain is being wiley by laying low until after Obama and the Dems are committed. I think any lack of effectiveness is self inflicted. But I wonder if this might be a blessing in disguise, provided they can get their act together after the Dem convention?

Any thoughts from anyone?