Ronald Reagan: First 100 days

OK so Obama is about to wrap up his first 100 days, but really who cares.  How about a little history lesson instead.  Lets cover Ronald Reagan’s first 100 days.  I was not alive (born in 1982), and can safely say I don’t remember any of Reagan’s administration personally.  Therefore I am basing this diary on information I was able to learn over the years.  Any additions anyone would like to may are welcome.

Ronald Regan took office on January 20th 1981. Similar to Obama, Reagan was also inheriting an economic recession, but unlike Obama Regan’s response to this crisis was to declare “Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.”  Along with the economic crisis Regan also had a couple other interesting events in the first 100 days of his administration: an assassination attempt, and was well on his way to accomplishing some real, lasting bi-partisanship.

A little over two months into Reagan’s administration, on March 30th 1981, would be assassin John Hinckley shot Ronald Reagan and two others.  Regan would fully recover from this assassination attempt making him the first (only?) U.S. President to do so.

Another interesting note worth mentioning in Reagan’s first 100 days is that he spent them meeting with members of congress from both parties.  In an effort to get his economic policies passed he made an effort to build relationships with everyone on capitol hill, and in doing so was able to convince the opposition to adopt his economic policies.  While legislation took longer than 100 days, the relationships that helped build the entire Reagan administration were started during this time.

Reagan has been shown by history to have accomplished a great deal, and on inspection his first 100 days were quite eventful.  History will be the only TRUE judge of the Obama administration, but looking back shows they have very big shoes to fill, and so far just rhetoric.

This was originaly going to be my first diary at RedState, but then this Specter stuff happend and another diary showed up first.  Sorry about two diaries in one day.  If anyone thinks its a problem I can always delete and repost another day.