Limbaugh & Movement Conservatives: Successfully Distracted by Democrats

One of the symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder is a tendency to become distracted by extraneous stimuli.  Being lured off course by things that are personally stimulating but they offer no solutions or help with immediate life problems and predicaments.  The sad results are that these stimuli become a pleasant distraction while meaningful challenges continually get pushed aside and forgotten.  Hence, the individual never progresses or experiences any significant growth or maturity.   Gosh most men, including myself, have to fight this battle on a daily basis.  Seems like we’re always searching for pleasant distractions, huh? I digress.   So if this “condition” can  befall an individual could it not also infect a group? An organization? A political party?  Or even a political movement?  


The Conservative Movement has certainly contracted this ailment, in my view.  It has been sucked up in a vortex of emotional reaction directed towards the totally predictable course our government has taken since 1/20/09.  As if it should be a total surprise that this course has taken a sharp turn to the “left” under Obama/Pelosi/Reid.  “So” you ask, “how is this a pleasant distraction?”  I don’t know.  But it seems that Limbaugh, conservative talk radio, pundits and blogs are effuse with comment after comment, article upon article, essay stacked on essay, over and over and over again [ad nauseum] regarding the extreme leftward direction the democrats are steering our Nation.  Conservative commentators such as Ann Coulter continue to pump out articles and books telling us what we already know [and are sick of hearing] about the left.  Alright already!  We know enough about the devious, deceitful, Constitution-hating democrats!  My gosh how many times must we be told?  We’re convinced, ok?  Yet our conservative orators/pundits seem gleeful and shocked at the very same time in their continuous reporting of  the left’s shenanigans.  As if this is the first anyone has heard about this agenda of the left which works tirelessly  towards undermining our Constitution and moving us, instead, toward and under the control of some world governing body.  I mean, what the heck did they expect?  That congress would pass a bill declaring Ronald Reagan’s birthday a national holiday?  Why would they or any thoughtful person be surprised?  The answer is – they are not surprised.  They, the present conservative pundits, simply enjoy this game.  Tit for tat.  One-upmanship.  It’s a battle of the titan ego’s.   A glorious hobby!  They are having a blast.  They fiddle while Rome burns!  Its all become just a big game to them.  Again, they’ve been pulled into this vortex of strife and discord and have, hence, been rendered somewhat ineffective.   If they remain, they will become totally irrelevant. 


“So” you ask, “what should they do?  Shouldn’t they report these hideous attacks on our Constitution and Liberty? Shouldn’t we all protest?  Be shocked and appalled?”  Well, some years back I watched a football game with horrible officiating.  One call in particular was obviously flawed and unfair costing one team much needed points.  The team coach on the wrong side of the bad officiating kept his cool and did not complain.  His team was far behind but they had a superior strategy and tactics.  A better,  flexible plan.  Long story short, they came from behind and won the game despite the odds being completely against them.    The Conservative Movement has been beaten down by an unscrupulous opponent yet they have no come-back strategy, whatsoever. Oh, there are plenty who have a national “bloody pulpit” of some sort and they are standing behind those pulpits whining continuously about the encroachments of our arrant enemy.   There is no winning strategy, however,  or even a questioning of what went wrong on 11/7/06 and 11/4/08.  No attempt to reach out to the estranged GOP Base, better understand them and make adjustments that would draw them back.  Among conservative politicians or pundits there is no significant plan to go on the offensive against those negative forces within the GOP that continue to have a strangle hold on it.  Those that continue to drive away millions of former GOP voters.  No naming of names. No pointing of fingers.  No stomach for going after some of their golfing buddies or former comrades who have steered our GOP off of the super highway it was once on and into a muddy bog.  No sir, too unpleasant a task.  No gathering together of the great conservative minds for the purpose of an exhaustive analysis.  Why?  Largely because they’re afraid of what they’ll find. 


Nope, the only strategy our “distracted” side has now is that of throwing a few rocks at the democrats who are so well shielded by the MSM that the pebbles simply bounce off.  You hear the pinging sounds amid the laughter of our gloating opponents. 

Darvin Dowdy