Palin and GOP Gov's Hand Obama a Bipartisan Prize...

I’ve heard the word “boondoggle” all my life but never really knew that it was a real, honest to goodness word in the dictionary.  Coined during the great depression to describe government created jobs programs that, “waste time and money”.   Read up on the Boondoggle Project of the Great Depression.  Fascinating!  More parallels between FDR and Obama because much of the content of the Obama Stimulus Package can best be described with that one word – boondoggle.  Which is why our valiant Congressional Republicans locked shields last week and sent Pres. Obama, Pelosi and Reid a message that could not be confused or wrongly interpreted, “Pres. Obama, you own this piece of legislation and the results thereof. We want no part of it”.    Its been a long time in coming but the conservative Base finally had something to stand up and cheer for.  At least for a couple of days.


Because you see this weekend Sarah Palin and the GOP governors, with dollar signs in their eyes, invaded D.C. and immediately began groveling and begging like refugee’s  for their share of the Obama  hand-out thrown out of the back of an Army truck.   And, of course, they were full of excuses and quick to explain that they would’ve voted against the stimulus “but” were simultaneously obligated to get their state’s share.  They actually had the gall to say this, with a straight face,  while they were lobbying their own state senators to vote for the bill!   And by doing so they’ve handed Pres. Obama a coveted prize.  Now Pres. Obama, Pelosi and Reid can honestly say that their stimulus package has wide, bipartisan support.  Even though the fact is, governors don’t vote for the package.  But what are facts to democrats?   Small bumps in the road.  The extreme propaganda value remains.  Way to go GOP governors.


“So”, you ask “why, Dowdy, do you keep featuring Palin’s name so prominently?  Why not simply say ‘the GOP governors’?  Why preface each mention of GOP gov’s with Palin’s name?”  Well silly me, I guess I was going around thinkin’ that Sarah was supposed to be our next conservative bright & shining light for 2012.  And now it seems like every day she’s morphing into some McCain moderate.  Lets face it, what a monumental lost opportunity this was!  Try to picture Sarah or one of the other GOP governors standing up and saying, “No!  We hope the citizens of our state will understand but we can’t take this money that will increase the massive debt that our children and grandchildren will have to repay. Its not fair to them and our state will not accept it!”  Can you imagine the ripple effect an act like this would have throughout the Conservative Movement? 


But, alas, no.  Instead Sarah has shown that she is not someone who’ll stand her ground and fight but will scramble to the table of compromise as fast as any moderate out there.  Just a couple of weeks ago she implemented a radical environmental program within her state. More radical than Arnolds in California!  Now is this pandering to the greenies?  Or is she actually one?  Because neither explanation is acceptable to the Conservative Base who wants the radical greenies aggressively opposed!  And this is one of the primary reasons that millions of conservative voters opted to stay at home on 11/4/08!  


It seems obvious to me that Sarah Palin has been masquerading as a conservative when, in fact, she’s a centrist/moderate.  And possibly even a transnational progressive.  This is not the direction that the rightward moving Base wants their party to move

Darvin Dowdy