Presidential Debate

On Tuesday, November 14th President Barry Washington and Texas Governor Mike Lewis went head to head in the 2012 general debate. The debate format included 15 minutes of questions for both domestic and foreign policy, both followed with questions by the general public.

As I predicted in the media round table, both sides came out guns blazing. Taking shots at the opposition’s stances on the economy and  health care. President Washington was exuding with confidence, almost to the point of cockiness. While Governor Lewis struggled to retort back in a timely manner to Washington’s statements.

Time continued to pass and shots were continually being  fired back and forth between the candidates. Going into the break, the debate looked to be in a dead heat. With both sides bringing up valid points surely swaying some voters either way.

During the second half, Washington began to pull away. Lewis struggled to elaborate on his answers and explain why he would do what he proposed to do as President. Washington on the other hand fully explained each and every proposition given, even giving examples when asked for by the audience.

The debate may have propelled Washington further into the lead, but if there is a strong conservative showing at the polls it is still possible for Governor Lewis.

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