Portman Would Be Poor Choice for VP

Vladimir Lenin once said that a lie told often enough becomes the truth.  I’ve come to believe there are some soundbites from the 2008 election that were regurgitated so many times they’ll forever be accepted as truths no matter their inherent falsehood.  How many times did we hear “…a return to the failed Bush economic policies” when Obama was slinging mud at John McCain?  That line has been said so many times by Barack Obama that I’ll never be able to evict it from my mind.

Who will Mitt Romney choose for his running mate?  Will he choose the Senator from Ohio, Rob Portman?  I certainly hope not.  We do not need the former Director of Management and Budget for George W. Bush on the ticket.  If Mitt chooses him then my hope for a GOP win this November really takes a nose dive.  Over and over we will hear Barack Obama harping on Romney choosing George W. Bush’s former budget director and how he’d (Obama) never again to steer the US toward “…a return to the failed Bush economic policies”.  He may well be the most qualified man for the job; he may be more qualified than Romney himself.  I don’t care.  He’s closely tied to George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservative” EXPLOSION in federal spending and he elicits no enthusiasm from me.  Mitt needs an individual who will generate some excitement.

The smartest choice for his running mate is Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  Our nation is headed off of a fiscal cliff.  We are assuredly galloping down to the road to serfdom at an unbelievable rate.  In his capacity as House Committee Budget Chairman, Paul Ryan knows what must be done to stop our national decay.  He is incredibly sharp and a true conservative.  Plus, let’s face it, the fellow was blessed with good looks and hair comparable only to Reagan.  This never hurts a campaign ticket.

I’ve stated who I want Romney to choose, but there are some other men out there who I be comfortable having as our leader.  Certainly Lt. Col. Allen West of Florida has moral fiber any man or woman could admire.  He has the right convictions and would energize the conservative base.  Bobby Jindal makes the list, too.  I’m not as excited about him as Ryan or West.  I do believe a woman could hold the #2 spot.  At present I think a woman could hold the #1 spot.  However, America does not have her Thatcher yet.  She will come along someday.

Christie is a firebrand, but New Jersey needs him more than we do right now.  He needs to be out in the spotlight, not tucked away as often happens to the vice president.  I think Bob McDonnell would have been my first choice, but his advocacy of drones spying on US citizens and requiring women to have an ultrasound before having an abortion is not in my comfort zone.  We need to denude the government of as much power as possible.