Cracks in King Obama’s Armor (Winning in November)

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July 10th, 2010

Cracks in King Obama’s Armor

Winning in November

By Darla Dawald

The past few weeks have been like a tsunami of unfolding events that lead to the White House Steps. Everyday it seems as though we discover another hairline fracture in King Obama’s armor and a chain of connections to Marx and Alinsky followers.

I remember early in the presidential campaign Obama said “if you want to know who I am look at who I associate with” unlike the many who were in a deep sleep, I took that statement serious and thus began my search and quest to discover the real Obama.

Between the handy research of Glenn Beck and many other patriots, numerous discoveries have been made that show these associations as none other than George Soros, The Tides Foundation, The Muslim faith, SEIU, ACORN, William Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, and the Communist Party, among many others.

King Obama’s associations run deep in the theology he embraces and governs from. A theology, I believe, that will lead to the demise of the Hope and Change victor from the 2008 election. The fractures in the armor are growing, the lies, the deception, the theology he clutches, the associations he supposedly never had, the inability to truly govern and direct or coordinate the oil leak tragedy that is ongoing without a solution in sight, and unconscionable spending,

King Obama’s daily goals are simple, golf, concerts and rubbing elbows with stars, media appearances, black liberation theology, applying Alinsky’s Rules, protecting Muslims, attacking America, verbally apologizing for America, sitting down and talking with terrorists to understand their feelings, protecting his plans and harnessing power through the law such as the Health Care law, Cap and Trade, the Amnesty/Immigration issues, playing extreme partisan politics, and working daily to destroy capitalism and the American way.

This dictator truly wants to reshape America into a socialistic regime of the elite and the poor, dumb, working class that is completely dependent on government. His associates have been chipping away at the educational system for years. The majority of educators have signed on to this theology that America is bad, capitalism is bad, redistribution of wealth is good. The politically correct are nothing more than socialists using the PC theology as a cover for the larger picture, in my opinion.

These people are his friends, associates, mentors, advisors, czars, and his staff. The well-constructed walls of deception are starting to crumble. Honest people are stepping up and telling the truth as in the whistleblower case regarding the New Black Panthers and the Department of Justice. Or how about the young man from Hawaii who states unequivocally that Barak Obama is NOT a naturalized citizen as outlined by the Globe? I know, I know, it’s the Globe and may not be considered a reputable publication but let me remind you that it was the National Enquirer that broke the Monica Lewinsky/Clinton scandal; so maybe this will turn out to be true.

Yes, the walls are crumbling and all those on the wall will find themselves like Humpty Dumpty, broken up and unable to repair the damage done to themselves or their careers when this is all brought out into the light of day. Well deserving too considering their plan to destroy America’s Republic, Capitalism, the Constitution, the financial structure, the global perspective of the US, our educational system, etc… I cannot feel sorry for traitors or tyrants.

The most important action we can take this year is simply to “Get the Vote Out”. We must make King Obama a lame duck for the remaining 2 years for his term. The only way to accomplish that is by voting in the remaining primaries and the General Election in November for the true conservatives. In addition, all the Tea Party Groups must get together and back the most likely person to be able to win in that election. Several groups standing behind four or five candidates in a district for example will not help our cause!

We can take the power away from the radical people in the House of Representatives and the Senate but it will take working an effective strategy. You can assist your precinct committeemen or whatever they go by in your state by volunteering to become a block captain. You can put together a team to work your neighborhood or block. By knocking on doors and sharing the information of the candidates, voter registration, voting dates, and hosting a home meeting with your neighbors we can cause an avalanche of Obama’s deceptive walls!

By volunteering to campaign, making phone calls in tight races, or donating to a party, candidate, or group working on our behalf we can bring those walls down. If we want to overturn or repeal ObamaCare we must win in November. We the People have the power to change the rising tide of fascism/socialism, but we must be diligent and we must be willing to sacrifices in order to accomplish our goal. We have several primaries coming up that are critical to our November success.

To view the schedule of primaries and candidate filing dates go here: http://www.politics1.com/calendar.htm

Another valuable resource is called Procinct, A Proactive Victory Precinct Management for Activists: http://www.trust1.com/precinct. This is a completely free system.

The Patriotic Resistance, a free network of patriotic citizens just like you, work together at http://www.resistnet.com to share valuable information, discuss the issues, connect locally, share events, and ideas. We invite you to join our network of over 80,000 members. We believe a large pipeline is essential to connect all the smaller pipes (local tea party and patriotic groups). This network provides a valuable service of getting the call to action out quickly and efficiently. When all the small pipes are connected we are able to cause an avalanche in any area as “We the People”!

I am encouraged at this time. I truly believe that we have the tools, resources, motivation, power, and ability to take our country back to the Republic it was designed to be and back to the Constitutional, fiscally responsible values that will preserve the America we all love. The next three and half months will be absolutely critical to resuscitate America. Together we will! Oh, and those cracks in the King Obama armor, let’s turn them into crevices and split them apart! See you at the victory party in November!

Darla Dawald, National Director

The Patriotic Resistance


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