I am Sluticus.

So apparently Rush Limbaugh called 30-year old law student Something ForgotHerName a slut. I say apparently because I didn’t hear it (I’m not a Rush listener, but I have listened from time to time), only accounts of it. Mainly from Ace over at his HQ. It seems like he was trying to make a joke, made a poor one at her expense and then apologized for it. Meh. He’s in the word business and you’re going to have somethings go wrong here and there, it’s been pretty minimal over length of his career. But I’m not here to stand with Rush.

Let me say that again, I’m not here to stand with Rush. I’m here to stand in solidarity with Ms. ForgotHerName. For I am Sluticus. Okay, so I have never been called the “S” word, at least that I know of. But in the course of my lifetime I have been called worse by worse.

Racist because I don’t favor any race over another. I am Sluticus!

Sexist because I don’t favor one sex over another. I am Sluticus!

Bigot because I am a Chistian. I am Sluticus!

Homophobe because I am a conservative. I am Sluticus!

So you see, Ms Fluke. We do have a lot in common. Though I am not willing to be used by a political party and then thrown away when I have overstayed my usefulness (say hi to Cindy Sheehan in a couple years!). It’s nice how the President called you, I wish he would have rang my number when the media and a lot of prominent Democrats were out there calling me a crude sexual term.

No one on your side stood up when the Media giggled while saying Teabagger over and over. No Democrat offered a real apology for the homophobic slur leveled. It was too important to score political points, just like now.

So I stand with you now on one condition – you tell people, “I am Teabagicus!”

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