We are going to need to raise taxes

I think we need tax increases.

I think we do need to have some people pay more into government. I think there are plenty of people not paying enough taxes. Everyday I hear more people complaining that their own taxes should go up (ahem, they can do that without changing the tax code, but I digress), so let’s help them out. I think we can come up with a pretty good list to send to the House so that when they’re negotiating, they have some things to give on.

First up is Glenn Reynold’s plan to tax Ex-government officials at 50% of their post-government work. I think this is way too low. It should be minimum of 75% and probably should be 90%.

Next up is a group that might hit a few conservatives, but hey, that’s the sacrifice that we’ve got to make. We’re bipartisan that way. Ivy League Professors.

We definitely need to tax Union leadership more, they’re always talking about the need for higher taxes, let’s give it to them!

The Sierra Club is always talking about the need for more taxes.

Trial Lawyers – don’t even get an explanation, we’ll just call it the John Edwards Tax

Newspapers, yes there are a few conservative ones, but again, sacrifices! Bipartisanship! We’ll also have a special tax on editors and especially managing editors.

I’ll open it up to the floor now: What have you guys got?