Michael Williams (R-TX) Announces Run for Senate!

In my previous blog, I said that I wished Michael Williams, the Texas Railroad Chairman, would run for the Senate seat to be vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.  He’s been elected statewide in Texas a few times, is popular and most importantly he’s a conservative with no hyphens needed.

I am on the WilliamsForTexas.com emailing list, so I was pleasantly surprised today to read the news that Michael Williams is running for the Senate:

With much encouragement from my fellow Texans, with the support of my wife Donna, and with firm resolve to make the America of tomorrow more prosperous and free than the nation we know today, I am announcing my candidacy for the United States Senate.

Great news indeed! Michael Williams is exactly the kind of conservative Republican we need. He has served as Chairman of the Railroad Commission for the last 8 years (more like an Energy Commission if you recall), but also brings a wealth of diverse experience to the table serving in the U.S. Departments of Education, Justice and Treasury:

I have served at every level of government: in three cabinet departments under two presidential administrations, as an elected member of the Texas Railroad Commission and as a local prosecutor in the Midland County District Attorneys office. I know the honor of public service is not holding an office, but preserving the public trust.

If you watched his speech to the Texas State Convention in my last blog, you undoubtedly know that he is rock solid on all 3 legs of the conservative stool. He’s the real deal. He highlights a few areas where he will put his experience to work on issues:

  1. Economy: we need a long-term prosperity agenda starting with a tax code that rewards work, encourages saving, investment and entrepreneurship; incentives for innovation, research and development yielding to solutions for more and higher-valued jobs, steadier wages and stronger retirements.
  2. Energy and Environment: we need to develop pro-growth energy and environment solutions for greater energy security that will produce more American energy, accelerate the use of alternative energy technologies and promote greater energy efficiency and conservation.
  3. Education: we need to rekindle a love of learning in America’s classrooms, specifically a renewed focus on math, science, engineering and technology.
  4. National Security: we need to ensure safer communities and neighborhoods by enforcing our laws, protecting our borders and making sure our military continues to be the strongest in the world to defend America and defeat our enemies.
  5. Health care: we need transformational health solutions and policies that create better health care, more choices at affordable costs.

I notice something rather different in his approach here. Yes he lists issues, however, you’ll note that he also frames them from a conservative viewpoint. He’s just not picking and choosing which issue will help him get elected, but focuses on the root solutions, even in this short format. He’s not going through and just checking off boxes. With Michael Williams in the Senate, we will have a strong voice that stands up for conservative values and ideals.

PS. To read the full email and to sign up for email alerts, go to WilliamsForTexas.com. The campaign has yet to set up the full website and donation page, as soon as it goes live, I’ll post an update.