This one's for John

John Elway was the master of the comeback in his playing days. He had an amazing 47 of them, accounting for about 1/3 of his total wins. The Broncos were never out of a game with #7 at quarterback.

The Broncos are a way of life there, and after back to back Championships, John Elway is the most beloved person in all of Colorado. He contemplated running for office himself, but never did. Today, he’s trying to help John McCain come from behind in Colorado.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain kicks off a three-stop barnstorm of Colorado today at a morning rally with legendary Broncos quarterback John Elway at Denver’s National Western Arena.

First, future Hall of Fame and former Broncos safety John Lynch introduced Elway:

“My name is John Lynch and I couldn’t be more proud, honored…to be here this morning. It’s an honor to be on the stage with a true American hero, John McCain.”He thanks McCain for his years of public service. “And thank you for the next four you’re about to embark on as the president of the United States of America. And we’ve got to make sure that happens, right?””It’s the fourth quarter and it’s crunch time and we’ve got to get this thing right,” Lynch says.”I’m proud to look John McCain in the eye and let him know that he and Sarah Palin have earned my trust,” Lynch said.”I know that on Nov. 4 he’s going to deliver victory.”

Elway then spoke:

“As an NFL quarterback I learned about pressure under fire, leadership and personal sacrifice.”He says that McCain has also proven his mettle during years of service to the country.Elway says that some pundits are counting McCain out.”I know a thing or two about comebacks,” Elway says to cheers, “and I cannot wait until Nov.4 when you once again prove those pundits wrong and elect our next president of the United States.”Elway urges the crowd to spend the next 11 days “doing everything you can in your power to see that (McCain and running mate Sarah Palin) are elected.”

McCain then spoke to the crowd, talking about taxes, “Joe the Plumber,” and Biden’s gaffe of telling the truth that Obama hasn’t been tested. I don’t know how much John Elway can move the needle in Colorado, but I’m hoping that the comeback king can give a little 4th quarter magic to John McCain.