An American Carol - my review (Go see it)

I just got back from An American Carol. Totally worth seeing. I’ll try to keep it short and avoid spoilers.

First, now I know what it finally feels like to be a Democrat at the movies. I got to see a movie where they made fun of the other political persuasion the entire time. That’s worth the price of admission alone, heh.

If you like Zucker’s previous work (Airplane, Naked Gun) you’ll like this movie. It will make you laugh out loud quite a few times with some of the slapstick. And you’ll find something caught in your eye a time or two, maybe it’s allergies, yeah that’s it, allergies! There are corny parts, over the top parts, and even undead (seriously, do you know how hard it is to kill zombies?).

Since you know the plot already before going in, the story itself was the only drawback, that’s not a bad thing. The twist on the story keeps it interesting. Don’t go in expecting a serious political dialogue, it’s not a dissertation, it’s a movie, it’s entertaining and it’s right-leaning.

Funny, light, heartwarming, and unabashedly pro-American.