Hey Obama, This Is How It's Done

“Come on guys, I’ve answered like, eight questions,” – Barack Obama March 3, 2008.

That was response Barack Obama gave when he was tired of having to answer for what one of his economic advisers had said (Goolsbee’s assurance that Canada shouldn’t worry that we’re pulling out of NAFTA). A major incident in his campaign (you know, the reason he’s qualified for president) and he can’t be bothered for more than a few minutes.

It wasn’t a pretty sight, it was whining. It was also an insight into how Barack Obama does under pressure. God forbid he becomes president – I can just imagine him sitting across the table from Putin, “Come on Vlad, I gave you, like, half of Europe.”

Oh, and don’t interrupt him when he’s eating either. We know that presidents can always finish their meal before dealing with a crisis…. “Why can’t I just eat my waffle?” he said, when asked a foreign policy question by a reporter. It wasn’t even 3am, and he voted present.

He’s a guy who can’t take any criticism without running to mommy or playing the race card. I have lost track of how many times Barack has tried to play the race card. Contrast that with Gov. Sarah Palin. She’s had everything and the kitchen sink thrown at her since she became the vice presidential nominee for the Republicans. While those of us on our side of the ditch have risen up to slap down some of the blatant sexism coming from the Obama campaign, Gov Palin hasn’t let it bother her and hasn’t complained about it.

I watched her interview with Sean Hannity the last 2 nights and something struck me from her answers in part 2. Sean asked her about the media bias and the things that have been said about her and her family:

HANNITY: How (are) you dealing with some of the harsh attacks against you? Let me give you a couple of examples.PALIN: Oh, thanks. Good.HANNITY: Well, I’m glad to do it.South Carolina Democratic chairman said your primary qualification seems to be, you didn’t have an abortion. Politico reported, the National Organization for Women’s spokesman: she’s more a conservative man than she is a woman on women’s issues. Gloria Steinem: Sarah Palin shares nothing but a chromosome with Hillary Clinton.PALIN: You got me on that first one, that abortion — that’s an appalling comment. You know, though, the shots that I’m taking, I know what the truth is and I know what my convictions are and my foundation is. So I’m fine there. I’m fine there.The shots that perhaps our campaign has taken, it’s nothing compared to the shots that some people across America are taking today. The things that really matter: Somebody worried about losing their house because of Wall Street collapses. Somebody worried about losing their job or being able to pay for their child’s health care coverage or a parent perhaps having lost a son or daughter in battle, those are the shots that matter.I’m going to keep it all in perspective.HANNITY: There is — Ed Rendell said the coverage of Barack Obama in this campaign was embarrassing, Democrat. Mark Penn — Clinton pollster — He said that the media’s on dangerous ground, so far they’re the biggest losers in this race. Scott Rasmussen had a poll, 69 percent of people are convinced reporters are trying to help the candidate they want win, and five to one that’s Senator Obama.Do you see media bias in this campaign?PALIN: I don’t know. But a conservative candidate has got to know what they’re getting themselves into in the world that we are in today. And, you know, I knew putting my name on the dotted line there saying, yes, I’m willing to serve. I knew what I was getting into. You can’t whine about it. That doesn’t do any good. And you’ve got to grow thick skin.I was telling a couple of our campaign people the other day. I said, you see this? You think this is just baby fat, right, from having Trig four months ago. No, it’s some thick skin in there also.

She’s not whining about media bias, she recognizes it and knows that she has to deal with it and not pretend it doesn’t exist. I wish a lot more of our elected Republicans would do so as well. Gov Palin fights back against smears, but you notice that she doesn’t take it personally and always uses it as an opportunity to focus on what the McCain campaign wants to focus on.

You don’t have to hit back against some of the things that said about her, the American public is smart enough to be appalled on their own – such was a mistake of the McCain campaign dwelling on the “lipstick” comment, we know what Barack meant when he said it, but you didn’t have to hit US over the head with a response, a “there you go again” would have been more than sufficient. Thankfully they are back on offense with the new Fannie/Freddie ads.

A tale of two candidates. One is a wuss who can’t take a punch, the other is a moose hunter who hits back harder than the punch she just took.