Water Cooler 01/01/16 Open Thread Happy Freaking New Year


The New Year is upon us.  2016 is sure to be full of surprises, some will make us happy and some are sure to not.  In my life I sure can’t look back at any year I have spent on this Earth and say that everything has always worked out as planned.  But with that being said I am terribly blessed.  I have a wife way out of my league, I have healthy intelligent kids,  friends who would go to war for me, and serve a God who saved me.  So what does 2016 have in store for us Redstaters?  What victories will the good guys be able to score?  And where may the evil empire of Obama and his minions of nothings be able to sneak up on us and steal a victory?  So throw out some ideas guys and gals where are we gonna win and when do we have to sleep with one eye open to protect our rights and our nation?

President Obama said on Friday he’ll meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch next week to discuss how to use White House powers to reduce gun violence, lamenting that Congress has “done nothing” and declaring he has “unfinished business.”


Slick Willy just got to get paid, and he just does not care who pays him… as long as he gets his cheddar. The word pervert hypocrite is what first pops into my head when I see a Clinton.

Mr. Clinton, for example, collected $1 million for two appearances sponsored by the Abu Dhabi government that were arranged while Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state.

One of these appearances was for 20 minutes and paid him $500,000.  These elitists will then come down on you and me, telling us we are not compassionate if we do not want to give away more and more of what we have worked hard to obtain.  We are monsters if we don’t want to feed, clothe, and provide abortions health insurance to everyone who happens to stumble into our nation.  The Clintons seem to not only hoard money but thrive off the power that comes along with their surname.  They have embarrassed our nation in the White House, the Senate, and in the State Department.  Lets pray 2016 does not see a Clinton back in the oval office.

If we lose the battle to keep the narcoleptic Grandma out of the White House can we survive 8 more years of a weak, incompetent attention whore?

2015 Gun Rights Year In Review.  Not much I need to add to this one people, Great quick chart about public perception on firearms.  Check it out from my friends at bearingarms.com.  No matter how much your libtard Aunt may have tried to convince you otherwise at a holiday get together recently Americans still feel safer owning guns.  We do not trust the Federal government with our second amendment rights, and we appreciate the work the NRA does to protect what is inalienably ours.


The Water Cooler is always an open thread.  Take the conversation over, talk about whatever you feel inspired too.  Just keep it classy Redstaters.