Why is no one connecting the Obama relationship to Bill Ayers accurately? Obama Sought out Ayers Because of his TERRORIST BOMBS!In Obama’s auto-biography DREAM’S OF MY FATHER Obama describes a journey leaving a multi-racial life of priviledge to establish himself as a “BLACK AMERICAN” he describes a new found hatred of WHITES and becomes immersed in BLACK RADICALISM enjoying the writings of “BY ANY MEAN’S NECESSARY ” MALCOLM X.etc… Obama finds a spiritual home for these belief’s in Jeremiah Wrights church, and decides to become involved politically.Enter a founder of a terrorist organization who years earlier had targeted among others the presiding judge in “THE PANTHER 21” trial.Every one seem’s to assume that the “WEATHER UNDERGROUND” was just a radical anti-war group.Maybe, but not only. They we’re every bit as steeped in “BLACK LIBERATION” as Jeremiah Wright,Malcolm X,or the BLACK PANTHER PARTY . Bill Ayers became famous in this black liberation movement with his bombs!He became a hero when he got away with it. Barack Hussein Obama kissed Bill Ayers ring to get the nessessary connections. THEIR ON THE SAME TEAM!!! and we’re sitting around talking about bad judgement.These people are all racist’s, and marxist’S.They hate our country, and have been advocating it’s destruction and we are going to put them in charge GOD HELP US.