Blue State House Pickup Opportunity?

I live in central NJ, in Monmouth County. Monmouth went 2 to 1 for Chris Christie. Congressman Rush Holt (D) represents a large part of the County. District 12 contains some very conservative areas such as the Two River Area (Rumson / Fair Haven) and further west some more liberal environs such as Princeton. However the mood in NJ is as conservative as I’ve ever seen it – opinion polls are showing support for things such as furloughing state workers and cutting public sector pay etc.

Holt is an unapologetic supporter of Obamacare and is potentially vulnerable on this point. Two Republicans are competing in a primary for the right to challenge him (Michael Halfacre, mayor of Fair Haven and Scott Sipprelle, entrepreneur). Whichever one wins (and I don’t have a strong preference or opinion yet – but Sipprelle has a whiff of RINOism about him – but hey this is NJ) I hope folks can get behind the eventual candidate and monitor this race.

If this fellow Holt even got wind that conservative blogs / web sites were starting to notice his reelection bid, he would probably start prevaricating or walking back from his Obamacare support – he is just not under any pressure to do so yet…

Will keep Red State posted…web sites below