hurry up and wait

In the every day ins and outs of my American life and the fury of our national tone, one thing has become over whelming clear. No matter where I travel, into the depths of radio or the gnawing of the blogs, the truth is never spoken .The truth that our movement of patriots or conservatives or whatever title of nonsense we prefer to place upon ourselves, that we are defeated by our hope. In our morality we search for the right application of our wrath and head all together to the ballot box. We place our secret vote and sit back and hope that someone else will do what we know they won’t. For almost 40 years I have placed my hope in a group of liars and thieves. Different names and faces but all the same still [the debt clock should affirm this observation]. For a long time now I have told my comrades,{ might as well get used to saying that } as long as Americans have a flat screen, cell phone and the internet you can do whatever you want to them .Sad truth isn’t it. We all keep doing the same thing time after time year after year and expecting different results. Hmm what is that saying? I have heard some of those in charge speak and believe me they don’t get it. For those of you who are true believers in constitutional restoration we are going to have to take this country back. And im afraid it is going to take more effort than our hope in the hopeless.