The Evil Assault of Marxism

Evil is at work in our society under the guise of Marxism,
an ideology responsible for perhaps 150 million deaths. With so many dead how
can you not attribute it to evil?

Hitler was a socialist and it is no coincidence that in
German schools, crucifixes on the wall were replaced with Hitler’s photo.

To deny our President is a Marxist you must ignore the fact
his parents were communists. You must ignore his associates are Marxists, his
church of 20 years was Marxist, his White House staff includes Marxists, and
his chief advisor was a red diaper baby.

A recent caller on the Mark Levin radio show, a Cuban that
escaped communism, described his physical trembling when he heard the
President’s campaign slogan of “change”. The caller said “change” was always a part
of their indoctrination in Cuban schools.

It is also no coincidence that in the President’s cabinet,
Sebelius and Panetta call themselves Catholic. One is forcing the Church to
fund contraception and abortion while the other promotes homosexuality in the
military. They have sympathizers in the Church. While these people assert they
just want the Church to change with the times, they really seek to destroy the
Church; usually under the banner of “social justice”.

The phrase social justice, like environmental justice and
economic justice, is a rallying cry of the Marxists – their propaganda. While
the latter two phrases target capitalism, “social justice” targets the Church,
which civilized the western world – the Catholic Church. They target the Church
because western civilization resists Marxism.

America was born a Christian nation. Colonies were founded
with charters to spread Christianity. Our first public schools were formed to
teach children to read so they could read scripture. At our founding, 99% were
Christians. Today, 80% consider themselves Christian.

Those that insist the founders were deists are
“deconstructionists” that seek the demise of our society and our republic. A
deist could not consider “divine providence” as our founders did, for it is
antithetical to deism. And the founders were certain their victory over the
world’s greatest military was through divine providence.