The Modern Liberals War against the Church

The clamor over contraception, created by the liberal media,
obfuscates increasing opposition to abortion as indicated in legislation requiring
sonograms before aborting a baby. This hysteria exemplifies the modern
liberal’s use of lies and emotional appeal to shift focus from core issues to
the fringes to denigrate their opposition.

Lost amid the accusations that there is a “war on women” is
the crux of the argument over Ms Fluke’s demand that a Catholic university
provide her contraception. Fluke and top Democrats demand Catholics abandon
Church doctrine to appease them. When considered with the recent announcement
that the Church must fund abortive medicines and sterilization as well, it
becomes apparent this is not a war on women. This is war on the Catholic Church
by a controlling faction of the Democrat party and the liberal media.

My understanding of the rightness of the doctrine against
contraception is that it not only prevents God’s creation and the very being of
these souls, but it inevitably leads to the acceptance of abortion. This
acceptance by so many allows others to argue that killing newborns is no
different and should be allowed as well; an argument supported by Associate
Justice Kagen.

The promotion of contraception also attacks the morality of
our society. It negates the procreation of the sexual act and reduces it to
only an act of pleasure, even a means to reduce stress. This sort of thinking
attacks the glory of women as the bearer of God’s creation. Thus it is the modern
liberal that is at “war with women.”

Without the understanding of sexual relations as an act of
consummation between man and woman, then of course you could accept
contraception, abortion, and even gay marriage.

What I beg you consider is that those premises, exemplified
in the discussion of teaching sodomy to children in grade school, is
responsible for much of the decay in our society where life is not protected.
An immoral society cannot be free, but must be controlled.

Since freedom is necessary that we may live God’s will
for us, what works against us?