To Live in "Tolerance", or in Christ

Our government today is restricting our worship of God. Christians are labeled extremists. We must decide whether this is to promote “tolerance” as they proclaim, or to displace God that the statists may remake the world in their vision of utopia.

In the zealousness of the state to provide for many, they justify abortion as cost saving in their assumption that the child will lack care. And through their insistence that homosexual couples be allowed to adopt, Catholic agencies are halting their aid in adoption. Is this not a violation of the First Amendment? Doesn’t it perpetuate abortion?

The state has used the Church to promote government healthcare, amnesty for illegal aliens, and food stamps. As Hamilton wrote in Federalist 1, tyranny most often comes from those most fervent for the rights of the people. This is evident in the core of totalitarian groups that now Occupy Wall Street.

Our forebears came to this nation to spread Christianity. Some considered that we were God’s chosen people, as professed to the Gentiles by St Paul and as revealed to St Peter at Joppa. This concept is crystallized in the Catholic teaching that we are the chosen race, in the Body of Christ through the Eucharist and God’s grace, sharing in the Blood of Christ. I believe this is the root of the hatred of us and our Jewish brethren by Islamists and leftists.

As His chosen people, we have enjoyed great prosperity. This bestowal requires our obedience to God, manifested in moral living for God abhors sin. We are required to worship the Lord; hence that freedom and its protection from state manipulation.

Christ commanded us to love our neighbor as our own self, as He loves us. In this is our obligation to help the poor. This is not however a mandate for the state to take our property for redistribution.

Americans must acknowledge our Judeo-Christian roots. We must dispute the myth that the Founders were Deists. Most of them recognized the hand of God in their victory over the British. This is incompatible with Deism.

In acknowledging the Christianity of our Founders, our nation, then we may look to moral law rather than the legal realism of the judiciary that supports the “dictatorship of relativism” (Pope Benedict XVI) in which anything can be justified in satisfying “one’s own ego and desires”.