California Flag Ban

A federal judge has determined that a California school may prohibit students from wearing clothing depicting the American flag on the Mexican holiday of May 5th. This decision reminds me of an essay I read on Canadafreepress.com that suggested when republicans take the Senate they should replace the entire federal judiciary, an act they actually have authority to do in Article 1, Section 8.

 It would be impressive for Congress to actually have constitutional authority for their actions rather than relying on a phrase in the preamble like “to promote the general welfare”. Is it a coincidence that in 1944, Hayek wrote in “The Road to Serfdom” that phrases like “common good” and “general welfare” are used to justify collectivist, totalitarian government?

 This decision advances the agenda of ‘transforming’ America into global collectivism by advancing the primacy of multiculturalism even over sovereignty. Given that some Supreme Court Justices (Ginsburg, Kennedy) are now looking to Europe for precedence, as in overturning state sodomy laws, they should also be aware of the recent recognition that multiculturalism is damaging European nations.

 If tension is created in the school on May 5th, the Mexican flag should be banned. Or should we also grant significance to the Mexican holiday of October 12th, Dia de la Raza, the “Day of the Race”? I think not.