The New Nimrod

For months the president has spoken of bypassing Congress to implement his own agenda. It first began in July while he was speaking before La Raza (the race) about amnesty for illegal aliens. Today it continues for his $450 billion “jobs bill”.

 His disdain for Congress equals his contempt for America itself demonstrated in his “apology” tours, his Dept of Justice and their program of “reparations” through unequal justice, and his dismissal of Midwesterners clinging to Bibles and guns.

 We have been told our nation is no good for so long that we have begun to believe it, like the First Lady’s comments of being proud of America for the first time in her life. In another speech she said our history and our traditions would have to be changed. The Massachusetts school banning Halloween and Thanksgiving exemplifies this.

 The founders of this nation have long been vilified so that some are now convinced they were racist murdering deists, not Christians. We are not taught that President Jefferson attended church in the Capitol and began Sunday services in other government buildings.

 Now Tasers are more welcomed in our schools than a display of the Ten Commandments. The ACLU makes huge profits in court fees or settlements paid by townships the lawyers target for religious displays. We cannot even put up crosses on the roadside honoring law enforcement killed in the line of duty. Christians are labeled “extremists”.

 President Reagan pointed out six-time socialist presidential candidate Norman Thomas’ 1927 statement that Americans will never accept socialism, but call it liberalism, and they’ll adopt it all. Hayek in “The Road to Serfdom” recognized in England the thinking that led to catastrophe in Germany where statism was erected under the guise of liberalism so that the population lost the concept of classical liberalism – liberty.

 In Genesis, Nimrod was the first tyrant; Rabbi Daniel Lapin equates the construction of the Tower of Babel with communism. I am not certain whether the President himself seeks to be Nimrod or some other global elitist like Gorbachev would, but that is what I see happening.