Education for "Social Change"

I was surprised Los Angeles School District fired substitute teacher Patricia McAllister. She said on ReasonTV: “Zionist Jews need to be run out of this country”. It’s surprising because California is a progressive-socialist state, like the National Socialist Party that perpetrated the Holocaust.

After I saw the interview, I remembered a substitute teacher I had in Jr High in the ’70’s that spent an hour advocating for communism. It must have made an impression on me because I mentioned something at home. My stepfather was quick to describe the benefits of the free market.

 Last year I was proud to watch my daughter graduate from high school. It troubled me though when the guest speaker quoted the Fabian socialist George Bernard Shaw. But I was convinced that over a hundred years of tradition would safeguard our high school.

 Then my son graduated this year and the guest speaker quoted the progressive John Dewey.

 I’ve since learned more of Dewey and his contributions to education. This atheist believed the teaching of morals and ethics was a waste of time. He advocated educating to get along in the group, collectivism. Social activities should replace math, science, and reading. Dewey equals “dumbing down”.

 Dewey and his ilk knew individualism must be squashed to create their new socialist order. They believed the child was the agent of “social change.”

 I missed one of my son’s graduation events due to work. I asked him if the principal mentioned the title of his yearbook, “We Are One”. He said she seemed to love it. Then he said she was also gushing over the gay/lesbian group that night.

 To destroy the moral authority of parents these educators use sex education in their ideological war against the family where children learn their values. This explains the promotion of contraception and homosexual behavior in our schools: to separate children from God and their parents and into the “new social order”.

 With the assistance of the ACLU (co founded by a socialist) and judicial tyranny, our schools are destroying western civilization, civilized by the Church, that we may be more compliant to global socialist dominance.