Alliance of Marxists, Islamists, and Environmentalists

With recent hearings on Islamic radicalization in the House, it is important to understand the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to make America an Islamic nation. Their stated goal is to destroy America by using our own laws against us. With a common aim of transforming America, they have found partnership with Progressive Democrats.


I never understood the alliance between Progressive Democrats and Islamists. That is, until I heard British Imam Anjem Choudary explain in an interview that with sharia law, we infidels would be provided food, clothing, and shelter. For this is the key to idyllic life for these Marxist Democrats.


This philosophy is stated clearly by Speaker Pelosi about Obamacare: that now a person could develop their talents, like photography, without having to worry about their healthcare.


The Marxists consider us slaves to industry, thus our industrial base must be destroyed.


Herbert Marcuse, the so-called “father of the new left”, formulated a plan for Marxism in America in his book “One-Dimensional Man” that seems eerily similar to the White House plan to restore our economy. He instructed the left to increase political control through white-collar unions (AFL-CIO), vastly increase government spending (stimulus, omnibus, budget), public works on a grand scale (infrastructure, high-speed rail), and partial nationalization of industry (GM).


This goal of destroying our industrial base brings another ally to the Marxist Democrats: the environmentalists. Together they have created regulation that would drive our industry to other nations. The Marxist, always devious, then blame greedy industrialists for sending jobs overseas. Our new “service economy” is the result of these groups destroying our industrial base to advance their plans for a new America. And this destruction of our economy continues in the healthcare, financial regulation, and food safety bills; as the administration restricts our energy production by limiting coal and oil resources.


Another similarity of Marxists and Islamists is death. It is estimated the Marxists have killed 130 million people in the last century. Who knows how many the Islamists have killed, and the killing continues today. When I think through the goals of environmentalists and their obsession with overpopulation, I wonder if they would also embrace extermination. Consider the statement by the Club of Rome co-founder that dislikes the decline of malaria due to DDT because of subsequent population growth. Seems malaria is considered a good exterminator to the Club of Rome, whose members include President Clinton, Senator Gore, and Mikhail Gorbachev.