SITREP: Islamic State via The Stafford Voice [PODCAST]

On religious intolerance, Voltaire said:

“Human law must in every case be based on natural law. All over the earth the great principle of both is: Do not unto others what you would that they do not unto you. Now, in virtue of this principle, one man cannot say to another: “Believe what I believe, and what thou canst not believe, or thou shalt perish.” Thus do men speak in Portugal, Spain, and Goa. In some other countries they are now content to say: “Believe, or I detest thee; believe, or I will do thee all the harm I can. Monster, thou sharest not my religion, and therefore hast no religion; thou shalt be a thing of horror to thy neighbours, thy city, and thy province.” … The supposed right of intolerance is absurd and barbaric.”

So, they cut off heads and they burn people alive. Heck, they’ll even throw you off the top of a building. They’re here, then there, almost everywhere. They are growing in numbers and they move quick. Obviously I’m talking about the Islamic State. But, right now there’s a lot of stuff being said about them. One person even said they are angry because they don’t have jobs? And I thought it was because they had a small Medulla Oblongata. Maybe I’m a little off here, but shouldn’t we be doing something about this?

You may not agree with my assessment, but this is a very complicated situation we find ourselves in, and there really is only one way I think to end it.