Jeb Bush Continues Preparations for 2016 Presidential Run

There has been a lot of talk about a Jeb Bush 2016 presidential run. And, it seems, that Jeb is preparing to make that run a reality.

Bush seems to be distancing himself from the companies which he sits as a board member.

Newsmax is reporting that he will step down from Tenet Healthcare Corp. effective Dec. 31. Also, that he has taken a leave from his directorship with Barclays.

This is a big step for Bush if he plans on making a run in 2016.

There’s only one BIG problem. Conservatives don’t want him. Along with the majority of America, they want someone that they can relate to.

In the eyes of conservatives, Jeb Bush is a republican establishment elite. How so? Well, even though the majority of the voting base for republicans don’t want Bush, big business and big money donors are ready to line up behind him.

It’s the same problem Mitt Romney ran into during his failed attempt. Everyone lined up to get behind him except those who would actually be voting. Like Romney, Bush is out of touch. People can’t relate to someone who has more money than they know what to do with.

The New York Times reports that not only has he raked in millions from board fees and stock grants to the sum of $3.2 million, he continues to bring in about $50,000 for his speeches.

For conservatives, this is just another reason in a list of why not to get behind Jeb Bush. And who could argue when you compare those paid speech figures with the likes of Hillary Clinton?

Jeb Bush is just a little out of touch with the average American.

This post originally appeared at The Stafford Voice.