A Selective Government Shutdown

The fact that there is a government shutdown these days is ignorant to say the least.

Turning away WWII Veterans from the very memorial that represents them.

Closing down National Parks.

All for what? To make people hurt? To further the Obama agenda?

Well, the longer this goes on the easier it should be for people to see right through Obama and his agenda.

The recent round shows the shutdown of the Amber Alert website. You read that right! If there is an amber alert we probably won’t find out because Obama shut it down.

AMBER Alert Website Goes Offline Amid Government Shutdown

But, if you wanted to know more about and visit Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move website you would have no problem at all.

For Obama, this has no impact at all. But for him to be selective in what the government is able to shutdown is absurd and insanely arrogant!