These Are The Days of Our Lies: The Takedown of Petraeus

To say that America is at a crossroad would be an understatement. Leading up to election night, everything looked like it would go smoothly toward Mitt Romney. However, when the ‘votes’ started coming in that mood quickly changed. And it didn’t stop then.

The tone in Washington is totally disengaged with mainstream Americans. One thing that each half has in common is that they are both saying they won’t stand for it. But, they can’t agree on the terms. It is more of the same yet again.

But we all knew that this election would have its consequences. We just wouldn’t know to what degree. We knew that President Obama would over-reach worse than he did during his first two years. We just didn’t know how bad it would be.

Currently, there are a few issues that are at the top of the list in Washington. And while the majority of Americans are left scratching their heads, Washington is doing everything they can to cover it all up. Just look at this list:

  • Benghazi
  • General Petraeus
  • Fast & Furious
  • Muslim Brotherhood

That’s not even the start of it. But yet they all seem to be related. In Obama’s eye, he seems to want nothing more than to degrade America to a second-class status. But how has he gone about doing it?

There are so many things going on, that you can’t put your finger on the starting point. But things seem to unravel with gun running. We – the Obama administration – sent guns to the border and basically handed them to the Mexican drug cartels. This resulted in the death of border agent Terry.

If that wasn’t enough, tensions in the Middle East left the rebels without a way to defend themselves against tyrannical regimes. And since Obama wants to be seen as a healer, he ran guns to the Syrian and Libyan rebels to help out the regimes. But as you know, it doesn’t end there. Like every bad movie these days, somebody has to die.

Which brings us to what happened in Benghazi. Four Americans died, and probably with the very weapons we gave them. At this point – if it were a movie – you would think it’s all over. Think again.

The twist almost ties everything together. The rebels are part of the Muslim Brotherhood and they are desperately trying to gain more power in the Middle East. As details trickle out of the mouths who know things, we can determine that the rebels wanted something in the CIA house located in Benghazi.

This brings us almost up to date. Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans died in Benghazi, and while the administration plays cover-up with the details we are still left trying to piece the pieces together. Finally, after long delay there was to be a hearing.

But, in order to really cover it up Obama had to come up with a real zinger. Throw Petraeus under the bus. America’s General, David Petraeus, which after retiring was appointed to head the CIA. So, if there was to be a hearing on what happened in Benghazi, Petraeus would definitely testify. And he probably would blow the top off the administration in the process. So, in order to shut him up they had to discredit him the tried and true way: a sex scandal.

Right now, that’s where we are. Americans are still dead and we still don’t have any answers. The only guy that could probably expose Obama and his administration has been totally discredited in their eyes.

Where do we go from here? Just wait and see. Continue to question everything because there is always more than the eye can see.