Rising Korean Tensions

A few days ago, the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong, was hit with artillery from its neighbor North Korea. Which resulted in the deaths of two South Korean soldiers and two civilians. This attack was seen as a demonstration against the joint military exercise between the US and South Korea staged in the Yellow Sea.

However, it appears that there could be more to it. You see, there is a regime change that will soon take place in the North. This is more likely that it is the doing of the incoming regime as a test to see if the military will follow new command. Especially when state controlled Korean Central News Agency responded Friday saying, “The situation on the Korean peninsula is inching closer to the brink of war.”

A war that neither party, including China or Japan, would invite. Seeing as China is seen as an ally to North Korea, they would be a definite thorn at the side of US support to the South. A showdown that could be devastating to the US naval fleet.

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