TSA Scanners Prove to be a Scam

There is no denying that the TSA made an ignorant decision to mandate full body scans in airports. But, the scam is the main thing that should be addressed.

The things that aren’t being talked about is where the real attention should be pointed. It isn’t enough that many are left feeling violated, while some 80% of Americans said they favor more thorough and intimate screening procedures in a recent survey. Security is a selling point, and that is just the agenda of the Administration and the TSA.

Now, with so many people complaining about the amount of radiation they could be exposed to is something worth looking into, what’s more interesting and worth more to look into is the amount of money contained in contractsto outfit all the airport terminals. After all, isn’t it alarming that the government is allocating millions upon millions of taxpayer funds to outfit the x-ray machines?

However, all of that doesn’t address the actual scam being conducted. The thing that nobody is addressing is that all of this security is being contained in America, not abroad. The big question is this: Why are we not scanning at all terminals internationally that would be entering into US airspace? After all, if they were so concerned for the safety of Americans, would they not focus on the inbound flights from other countries that aid and house terrorists?

But it is highly likely that the administration will not answer that question; as they look to prosper from the contracts that were issued, the money to be made from investing heavily in those companies being chosen to fulfill the contracts, and more importantly the lobbyist money to be gained.