Shari'a vs U.S. Law

Monday in a conference with Council on Foreign Relations, Imam Feisal Abdual Rauf said that Islamic Sharia law complies with the United States Constitution. What? Is there something wrong with this guy? Has he even read the Constitution?

Certainly Imam Rauf – the self-professed Islamic moderate – is trying to promote his agenda and trying anything to smooth over the idea of continuing the building of the Ground Zero Mosque. The only problem with his momentum is that it is rooted in hatred and that it is completely false in saying Sharia is compliant with U.S. law.

So, his sole purpose for having this organized question and answer conference was, in his words, to explain how “Islam and America are organically bound together.” And, as hard as he tried he wasn’t able to skirt every planned question. While the easy questions were just that, they give an inclination into the ultimate agenda, and that is total integration with American society and to shape the landscape to their liking.

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