Stop Tearing Down Conservatives

I believe most everyone on this blog can agree both the GOP Establishment and the Left want Romney to be the Republican nominee for 2012.  We, the “radicalized”, patriotic Conservatives, naturally want the opposite.  Then tell me why do we spend so much energy tearing down each Conservative candidate one by one – first Newt, then Bachmann, now Cain – seems the only one most of us could live with is Perry (and holding our noses at that!)

My point: We are exacerbating the damage our Conservative firebrands are inflicting upon each other, by tearing down the Conservative flavor of the month…that’s the Left’s job, not ours!

I made the same Reagan pledge as Mike Gallagher (WOR radio): do not speak or think evil of any Conservative candidate (ok, I’m cutting out Paul and Huntsman from my pledge, Gallagher doesn’t).

I have financially supported both Bachmnann and Perry; have not yet supported Cain’s campaign, but since he seems to be the latest “flavor of the month” to come under OUR attack, here are my two cents:

Cain, like Bachmann and Perry, is way too opinionated for his own good, but that’s what we like about them vs. Romney.  Cain also probably thinks his own path to victory necessitates attacking Perry (like Bachmann did), which I believe will backfire on him if he keeps it up.   When push comes to shove, I’ve no doubts Cain will endorse Perry (even if “not 100%” like he said; it’ll be 99.99% against Obama!)

Like Perry and Bachmann before, Cain is already being subjected to withering attacks from the Left media (e.g., why he didn’t march with Dr. King?). If we join the attack on Cain (or Perry or Bachmann for that matter), WE are helping Romney win!

I don’t believe Cain is aiming for VP under Romney; he’s denied that both in the Hewitt interview and in his book.

Give Cain one month to clean up his act & think before the words escape his mouth, or sink on his own. Let’s not tear down ANY Conservative in this blog.

And let’s not forget ABO is really the end-goal if we are to save this country:  I could live with ANY GOP combination, or even Shrillary if she were to successfully challenge the Obumbler…

To Cain’s campaign handlers: Cain can gain a LOT more from being the happy, optimistic picture of rags-to-riches, hard-work-and-brains-pay American dream messenger than from his half-baked attacks on Perry.  Get off the negative campaigning, or you’ll see how fast your candidate plummets back to earth and crashes.  Remember Reagan? Americans need to again Believe in Something, Stand For Something, not be at each other’s throats – get it?