State of the Union

Obama on re-election mode; outwardly conciliatory, internally unmoved by the political and social realities.  Saying some right things (getting rid of the one small “flaw” in Obamacare (read the 1099 forms fiasco); lowering the corporate tax rate to increase competitiveness, but only if “Republicans” (?!) agree to close loopholes).  Saying some party-line things (e.g., hiring 100,000 new teachers to get America back on the lead in education internationally; “investing” our tax dollars in high-speed rail all over the US…).  Big missed opportunity IMO: seizing a “Bill Cosby moment” (instead of his “Sputnik moment” quote – incidentally, not sure that quote sat well with any thinking person with the slightest knowledge of the fact that the Obama administration has and will continue to gut the US manned space program).

Why is it that presidents almost invariably tend to miss the low hanging fruit?  Mr. Obama could still, after two years of utter failure on many fronts, wow Independents back (including lots of disenchanted blacks) if he were to frankly address one of the root causes of poverty, disenfranchisement and frustration in our country and in the black community in particular: the systematic destruction of the traditional family structure, moral fiber and work ethic in our society.  But this would require courage, as it would put him in further conflict with many in his base that view secularism and moral relativism as the only acceptable gods.

Republicans and Conservatives should not shy away from making this important link, as upholding the family structure IS directly linked with economic prosperity, as profusely documented by both research and observation of different cultures throughout history.   And you don’t have to come across as a religious fanatic to uphold the common sense in this.