No Substitute for Winning

Only hours to go.  What can we do to get at least 8, possibly more Conservative Republicans into the Senate?  Polls say, a lot!

We MUST do everything possible to win back these Senate seats – go door-to-door, man the phone banks, donate money from every state of the Union, help the seniors and the handicapped get to the voting places.  Because if we don’t win by wide enough margins, the Democrats, their union bosses and their lawyers (even the NRSC in Alaska!) will lie, cheat and steal these elections from Conservatives.  Patriotic Republicans, Independents and Reagan Democrats: We Need YOU, to fight off the big-government, small-citizen control madness!

Angle, NV +3.4% +/-4% (UP 0.8% since 10/27) http://sharronangle.com/

Buck, CO +0.9% +/-4% (UP 0.6% since 10/27 – DANGER, still a razor-thin margin) https://secure.buckforcolorado.com/

Fiorina, CA -5.6% +/- 4% (unchanged since 10/27) http://www.carlyforca.com/ 

Johnson, WI +5.3% +/-4% (UP 0.8% since 10/27) http://ronjohnsonforsenate.com/home/

Kirk, IL, +1.1% +/-4% (DOWN -0.3% since 10/27 – DANGER!) http://www.kirkforsenate.com/ (special election, critical for lame-duck Congress)

Miller, Alaska +5% +/-10% (UP 1% since 10/27 – DANGER! Murkowski’s mob determined to smear & cheat to win!) https://joemiller.us/

Rossi, WA -3.2% +/-4% (UP 1% since 10/27) http://www.dinorossi.com/

Raese, WV -2.9% +/-5% (DOWN -1% since 10/27 0 DANGER!) http://www.raeseforsenate.org/

Toomey, +1.9% +/-4% (DOWN -1.7% since 10/27 – DANGER!) http://www.toomeyforsenate.com/

Long-shot but lame-duck critical;

O’Donnell -16.9% +/-5% (UP 0.1% since 10/27) – can you stand “bearded marxist” Coons winning?  http://www.christine2010.com/1mill1trill/

Many websites allow you to call potential voters from anywhere in the US.  And if you live in those states, volunteer in any way you can:

Help seniors and others get to the voting sites

Watch for and report irregularities, and

Get everyone you know, to VOTE!  If we fail to vote, will fail to pull back our God-blessed nation from moral & financial disaster!