O'Donnell gets it right-again

On latest debate with Coons, defending local schools’ right to teach intelligent design as a theory alongside with evolution, when she asked “where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state” (and got scorned and ridiculed for it).  Coons’ answer revealed he cannot distinguish between “separation of church and state”, and the prohibition of the establishment of a state religion by the government suggested in the First Amendment.  The First Amendment’s purpose was to protect the free practice of religion by individuals fleeing from a persecuting government (that of England at the time), not to abolish it.

Coons’ interpretation would restrict local schools’ (and their principals, teachers, parents and students’) rights and freedoms, not promote them.  This would not be in keeping with the intent of Thomas Jefferson, reputed here to be the intellectual author of the Establishment Clause:


Also, the state-run media and the Left are always eager to interpret this “separation” as only one-way – religion not in government, but not as government not interfering with religion.  Here’s a good exposition of the latter danger:


People of Delaware beware – you’ll lose much more than your tax dollars if Coons gets elected to be Harry’s and Obama’s rubber-stamp in November (despite his empty promises he won’t be) and joins the increasing number of elites from both parties that will first nudge, then mandate and ultimately dictate how you ought to live…after all, they are smarter and wiser than us and will save us from ourselves…