It's unanimous: Mike Castle must go

When Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin join with Erick Erickson in denouncing Mike Castle’s very liberal voting record (he’s proud to have voted in favor of the Obama agenda 99% of the time), they cannot all be wrong.  Christine O’Donnell isn’t perfect (none of us are), but at least we know what she stands for and against, that she’s not beholden to special interest groups and, as the Scott Brown election demonstrated, it’s critical at times that we have one more senator voting with the people, to slow down the Obama human wrecking ball.  O’Donnell will vote to repeal Obamacare and will stand against cap and trade and further “stimuli” and bailouts; Castle won’t.



And fear not, O’Donnell will win against the Democrat candidate if enough of us support her, no matter what the NRSC or RNC do or fail to do.  And if she does not do a good enough job as senator, next time we get someone that both represents the people and feel is more qualified – but we don’t fall back on the incumbent congressional RINO just out of fear.

Castle has $2 million more in funds to burn than O’Donnell, and the GOP establishment is doing its best to “kill off” the O’Donnell campaign, as ABC News Washington Senior Editor Rick Klein cheered on in his recent Tweeter post here: http://www.americanconservativedaily.com/2010/09/outrage-top-abc-newsman-cheers-on-liberals-to-kill-off-conservatives-candidacy/

If you care about reversing or at least slowing down the Obama agenda, please support the TPE’s expanded moneybomb for O’Donnell.  Despite Gov Christie’s recent endorsement of Castle (clearly not his finest decision in my view), the momentum is still with O’Donnell.  If we stand with her she’ll win.  Sarah Palin thinks she can.