Today, Dennis Kucinich publicly caved in under relentless pressure from the President and the House speaker.  Congress members still sitting on the fence, on whether to follow their principles, whether they be Left or Right (like Daniel and his friends did) or corrupt themselves and bend their wills succumbing to fellow man’s temporal power, should remember that there will be a reckoning – whether they actually vote on this highly immoral bill or “deem and pass”.


In Daniel’s day, a certain king Belshazzar did not amend his immoral, God-defying ways until it was too late.  Today, the handwriting is on the wall all over the Congress (no federal funding for abortions, no euthanasia, no eugenics, no more lying, no brazen misappropriation of the public treasure and trust to corrupt even more public officials into perverting the democratic process).  Those who proceed with eyes and ears firmly shut, to bend to fellow man’s temporal power, will soon find their political kingdoms numbered and finished, found wanting in the balance, and given away to their political adversaries.