We Really CAN Throw the Bums Out!..NOW!!

Colorado Patriots…


Senator Mark Udall has voted lock-step with the Obama / Reid / Pelosi agenda since being elected a year ago… Same can be said for shamefully stalinist New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, and historical relic Senator Frank Lautemberg.


Coloradoans and New Jerseyans could demonstrate their appreciation..(like Massachusetts just did) …and expose its 2nd Senate seat to reelection this November…by initiating a RECALL initiative against Mark Udall…(see below).


There are 7 other states that have recall provisions:  Louisiana, Michigan, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin.


The entire nine states have a total of 12 incumbent Senators who are not standing for re-election in 2010…but could.. with successful recall initiatives..!!  A few successful recall initiatives could change the majority control of the US Senate THIS YEAR..!!!!….thus restoring our system of checks and balances in the Federal government…electing more “Scott Brown independent” types….and helping to get the country back on the right track to prosperity…


I could envision the Tea Party Patriots, Independents and perhaps even the Republican Party taking this up…and sponsoring the effort, at least selectively.


And if you have friends in any of these states…I encourage you to forward this…

We Really CAN Throw the Bums Out!

By Peter Ferrara – FOXNews.com

There is a way to fight back against a runaway Congress. Here’s how it works.




http://www.recallcongressnow.org/index.php  a project of American Civil Rights Union.


Eligible for Recall: Senator Mark Udall, last elected 2008

Signature Requirement: 25% of voters in last election for the Senator

Circulation Time: 60 days

Type of Recall Election: Simultaneous with General Election

Constitutional Provision: Article XXI (added November 5, 1912)

Recall from Office

Section 1. State officers may be recalled. Every elective public officer of the state of Colorado may be recalled from office at any time by the registered electors entitled to vote for a successor of such incumbent through the procedure and in the manner herein provided for, which procedure shall be known as the recall, and shall be in addition to and without excluding any other method of removal provided by law.

Initial Procedure: First a recall petition must be filed with the office in which nomination petitions are filed for the official that is being recalled. Generally this office is the Colorado Secretary of State. The petition must include a statement of no less than 200 words explaining the grounds on which the official is to be recalled. This measure is for the benefit of citizens who will sign the petition.

Contact Info:
Colorado Secretary of State
1700 Broadway, Ste. 270
Denver, CO 80290
Phone: (393) 984-2200


New Jersey


Eligible for Recall: Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, last elected 2008; Senator Robert Menendez, last elected 2006

Signature Requirement: 25% of voters in last election for the Senator

Circulation Time: 160 days

Type of Recall Election: Recall Election Then Special Election

Constitutional Provision: Article 1 Section 2b (1993)

The people reserve unto themselves the power to recall, after at least one year of service, any elected official in this State or representing this State in the United States Congress. The Legislature shall enact laws to provide for such recall elections.

Initial Procedure: A recall committee of at least three registered voters is needed to initiate recall proceedings. This process may not begin until 50 days before the completion of the incumbent’s first year of the current term in office. The recall committee must notify the appropriate election official of the names and addresses of at least three members of the recall committee. The election official accepting the petition will then review the notice of intention for compliance with statutory provisions, calculate the cost of a special election, and notify committee members of the acceptance or rejection of the notice, within three business days. The election official also notifies the incumbent of the notice of intention of recall within five business days and publishes a notice of the recall effort.

Contact Info:
New Jersey Division of Elections
44 South Clinton Avenue, 7th Floor
P.O. Box 304
Trenton, NJ 08625-0304
Phone: (609) 292-3760

News and Commentary

Is New Jersey’s State Constitution Unconstitutional? Campaign to Recall Senator Menendez Turns Into Battle of the Constitutions
(1/17/10) — “New Jersey’s State Constitution is unconstitutional. That’s apparently what one New Jersey election official seems to think. A committee seeking approval from the state to petition registered voters on whether to move forward with a special election to recall US Senator Robert Menendez was denied that request, in a letter on January 11th which stated that the US Constitution does not provide for such a proceeding.” Click here for the full story from Big Government.