Thank You, Senator Nelson

The Honorable Senator Ben Nelson

Senator Nelson…
Thank you for standing in opposition to the use of Federal funds for abortions. As new grandparents we have a renewed objection to abortions in general (with the exception of a few circumstances) and especially to the use of taxpayer funds for this procedure. 
We encourage you to vote your conscience and that of most Americans and to do the right thing for your constituents and all Americans…the majority of whom are opposed to government funding of abortions and do NOT want more government intrusion in their lives…especially personal healthcare decisions…
From today’s Wall Street Journal:
“Public opinion on ObamaCare is at a low ebb. This week’s NBC-WSJ poll: A mere 32% of Americans think it a “good” idea. The Washington Post: Only 35% of independents support it—down 10 points in a month. Resurgent Republic recently queried Americans over the age of 55, aka Those Most Likely to Vote In a Midterm Election. Sixty-one percent believe ObamaCare will increase their health costs; 68% believe it will increase the deficit; 76% believe it will raise their taxes.”

The more that voters understand about Obamacare the less they support it.


We do not understand NOR DO WE SUPPORT President Obama’s rush to pass legislation on this important issue (or Cap & Tax for that matter).  We have come to view him as deceptive and divisive, prone to using exaggerations and misrepresentations to sell his plans, and as someone who says one thing and then does another; ..pushing to pass RADICAL changes in our country and our laws before the implications are understood, aided by a contrived sense of urgency (“Crisis”) regurgitated by the MSM…and finally aided by some Democrats who appear easily intimidated by the President, Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi.

Please know that you have a large body of supporters nationwide who appreciate and respect the principles you represent as well as the vote AGAINST Obamacare that we hope you will make for the good of this God-fearing nation…
Dave & Nancy G.
Larkspur, CO
Daniel & Claudia dP
Maywood, NJ